The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wedding Bands for Men

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It’s common to see that men today have trouble when it comes to finding the perfect wedding band. Nowadays, there is much pressure on men to express their style and character, just as it is for women. Men often find the task of choosing wedding ring daunting. Since the terminologies can seem foreign and when there is an endless choice to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin from as well as what to choose.

Men’s style keeps changing as fashion trends transform, so do wedding rings. Gone are the days when men had to choose from simple bands and the only choices being gold and silver. Men today are both fashionable and fashion conscious. To cater to their choice, there are numerous styles available in wedding rings. Since it’s an accessory worn for a lifetime, it has to reflect the individual style of men wearing it.

Everybody has the right to choose the best ring.  A wedding ring not only symbolizes your love for your spouse but also serves as a constant reminder of the unity and bond you share with your partner. Here is a guide on how you can choose the best ring to suit your style statement for the big day and forever.

Choose Subtle Diamonds

Who says diamonds are only a girl’s best friend? Gone are the days when diamonds were just for women. Men can also learn more about the joys of bling. In wedding rings or engagement rings for women, diamonds come under the spotlight. For men, wearing diamond wedding bands is more about understated incorporation. Instead of wearing a stand-alone diamond, it is a great choice to include subtle ones on the band in various designs and patterns.

You could go for a bold wedding band that includes three diamonds in a row. Whereas other options have, small diamonds spread across the surface. You could also choose custom Aida Designs US wedding bands with colored stones or choose plain ones in other variations.

men diamond band

Two-Toned Wedding Bands

When you choose two different metals, do you know that you can also have them incorporated into a single one? When two different metals come in a ring, they are “two-toned.” These days, wedding bands are not limited to the standard gold and silver options. Now, you can choose platinum, white gold and rose gold bands too. If you wish to go for a two toned one, you can go for a combination of white and yellow gold, which looks great to create a unique design. Such rings look sharp and contemporary. For something unique, you can opt for two toned with subtle diamonds on the surface.

two colors band

Choose Something Contemporary

Modern and sleek design keep updating for wedding bands for men. You can choose top contemporary rings that come with textures. Some have engraved designs while some have elaborate ones. Although flat ring styles are the most popular ones since the start of the concept of wearing wedding rings, curved underside, flattop, and other styles are common today.

How Wide Should the Ring Be?

To know the width of your ring, it is best that you try out a few sample sizes. However, if you decide to go for a wider design ring, you should know that it could cost you more than a balanced size. It is advisable that you choose a metal that is within your budget and looks great in a normal width. However, if you are the sort who loves to wear bigger stones, you can choose a wider width ring. You can choose palladium, which looks similar to white gold and platinum but costs less.

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Choose the Best Finish

The finish of the ring refers to the final texture of the metal. Some terms you should know include:

  • High Polish: this is a traditional choice among most men. The metal has a reflective finish.
  • Combination: such wedding bands combine high and matte textures.
  • Matte: this is a less reflective finish with modern and understated feel.
  • Detailing through detailing, you have the choice to add different stones to your wedding band, including sapphire accents, a vertical stripe of gems, and Celtic knot designs.

Other finishes you can choose include engraving, hammered, and custom designs.

men ring

Shopping for men’s wedding bands is not a difficult task. You just have to explore your options and consult expert jewelers who can guide you on how to choose the best wedding band for your special day.

This is a guest post by Angela John who works as a Content Strategist. She is a Beauty and Fashion Blogger and public speaker and a passionate writer.

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