Two books to make a difference in your career

I read two books that have helped to boost my motivation at work and have given me some tips that encouraged me to do my best. I put lots of post-its in key pages and re-read them again. I got so much inspiration from the two authors, who by the way, are women, that I thought it would be a good idea to share my opinion about them. These two books are #Girlboss, by the CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso and Leave Your Mark, by Aliza Licht, PR of DKNY from 2009 to 2016.  They both show you what they did to be in the position that they are now.


The good thing about these two books is that the protagonists have different backgrounds and followed different paths. However, you can see how their hard-working personality and ambition took both of them towards their goals. You won’t read a story full of luck and lots of friendly people in the right place at the right moment: you will learn how to face obstacles and keep moving forward to stop you at nothing.

leave your mark

How to identify and reach your goals?

While Sophia didn’t have a degree, Aliza was studying medicine. The first one, couldn’t stick to any job that gave her experience and the later one, started working in very low positions to learn from the bottom. However, both of them were looking to do something meaningful. Therefore, degree or not, work experience or not, what makes you want to wake up in the mornings? How would you spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? Are you making that happening now?


Truths about work that everyone should know

Have you ever heard the mantra “easy comes, easy goes”? Both of these books will teach you that nothing comes from heaven and you have to work hard to achieve every single goal you want. Also, you will learn that at work not everyone is going to like you and you are not going to like everyone, but you need to cleverly deal with that. More useful topics are: how to rock a job interview, write a good CV and cover letter, reply to emails… in terms of tone and style, every details matters!


Essential qualities of highly successful women

Sophia and Aliza are two very different women but when you read their stories, you can feel their authenticity, perseverance, self-esteem, acceptance, social skills, positivity, creativity, uniqueness… So first thing first: make sure you can find a mentor and/or a good team at work at try to develop all these qualities.

#Girlboss also includes many examples of successful women that can inspire you.

In Leave your mark, you will find tips and questions to ask yourself which will make you question yourself about your full potential.

girlboss stories

Their mistakes will make you learn

Aliza changed her career path very dramatically, while Sophia learnt how to re-direct her life. Both of them learnt to stop doing what didn’t work, how to deal with toxic people, and solve pitfalls while building a reputation for their brands.

No matter what your story is, after reading these books will learn that the only way of not failing is by doing something! Also, you will get two fashion industry insides: how a multinational fashion brand was built up, in the case of Nasty Gal, and how is it to work for fashion magazines and for one of the biggest designer’s brands in the world such as DKNY.

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I hope you liked this post and find these books useful. Do you know any other books to empower women at work? I will love to read it in the comments!

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