Tips to do your best in tests

Even if the term just started, we need to start preparing for tests in order to organize our time effectively and be able to be successful in everything that we want! If you prepare a good study plan from the beginning of the term, you will find exams less hard and you will also have time to enjoy doing another activities. The following are some tips that you may need to apply if you want to be a brilliant student and have social life:


  1. Break up information

When you have to study long chapters, you need to draw schematics and assign different colours to different topics that make sense for the whole subject. These visual way of studying will help your brain to memorize things easily and understand them better by the different associations that you’ve done. Start to do it now before you find you have chapters and chapters to summarize!




  1. Trick for the difficult to memorize bits

Sometimes there are information that we need to memorize and there is no other way to learn it. If this happens to you, grab these difficult work and take the first letter or syllabus from each of them to form an easy to memorize sentence.  For example, let´s say you have to memorize some electrical components: transistors, diodes, amplifiers and lasers, so you could do: “Dianne told Alex loads” and yes, this sounds stupid and random, but it works!



  1. Don´t focus just in a subject

Even inside the same course, there may be different independent topics that you have to learn. Alternate between the hardest to the difficult ones. This will make your brain to have a rest and be prepared for the difficult bits. Also, if you swap courses, it would be better, as you will be updated in your whole material.


  1. Write it out!

It is scientifically demonstrated that we keep better the information after writing it so, after doing your schemes (because you don’t want to write the full course word by word), try to memorize the difficult parts and write them down a couple of time until you have completely memorized it.

  1. Take breaks

Your brain is a muscle that gets tired when you force it a lot, so don’t forget to take short periods of time off every one hour or one hour and a half at most. You can treat yourself and go for a walk, take a coffee, research some social media… you will come back to work fresher and nicer!



  1. Plan your time in advance

You need to make the most of your time in order to not suffer from stress and have time to enjoy life and rest so, plan your goals per week and every night, make a timetable of your studying times and what you are going to study. Leave more time for the more difficult courses and try to study a few every day, but of course, not all of them. For example, you can make your timetable according to your class timetable and study everyday what you have seen in the lectures so you will be updated.


  1. Stay healthy

If you do the previous tips, you should have time to go to gym, eat well and sleep enough so no need of lots of caffeine, fasts food and poor sleeping. You are going to feel relax and energetic because you are going to have time to do everything that you need.


  1. Learn how to optimize yourself

Some people are very good studying early in the morning and some other at the end of the day. If you still didn’t find it out, just give it a try for one week and adapt your daily schedule to your needs.

We hope you find these tips useful and apply some of them. Is there any tip you use and would like to share? Anything that you would like to improve but don’t know how? Leave a comment below!

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Good luck with the new course!

Lots of love,

The What to Wear Team

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