There she goes…

Life stages involve a series of changes that we take the best we can so we enjoy these new experiences. In this case, one those changes had the consequence of having to end Wha2wear… or maybe transform it! 😉

That’s why after June, Wha2wear, as you know it at the moment, will be closed.

What would happen next?


Don’t worry, the giveaway winners will be selected on the 1st of June on the usual facebook page. After that day, the facebook page admins will change, so all the winners can reach us through email to send their address so we can send their gifts.

Social networks:

All the social networks will shut down, except the facebook page which will be transfer to a different admin.


As you know, can be bought by another person, same as the social media names can be taken by different users once the once we currently use are closed.

Thank you

We would like to really thank all the readers and followers for their lovely support during all this time. <3

Also, the collaborators who sent amazing guest posts contributing with really interesting topics.

Of course, a massive thanks to all the brands and companies who trusted on us to help them promote their great products and services.

And last but not least, thanks to all the bloggers community that supports each others so strongly.

Keep in touch

As mentioned above, the wha2wear email will be active for a while after the 1st of June, so we can still get in touch through it. Also, if you want to know what will come after Wha2wear, check this Linkedin profile and let’s get in contact!

Follow your passion

One of the best things about blogging is that you really get to know your audience, so here are some other amazing people who are doing really well in the topics covered in Wha2wear:

Beauty: Huda Beauty & Insider Beauty

Fashion: Rongrong DeVoe & Zuhair Murad

Diet: Healthy & Psyched

Fitness: Juliya Shikula & Daria Che

Music: Arcángel and Tchami

Hope to see you soon again! 🙂

Lots of love,


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