The Elephant in the Mirror

I love to read books and articles to learn how to improve myself as a person every day. I find inspiring how by making ourselves happy, we are making happy the people around us. If you also want to learn how to feel fulfilled, enjoy life and see everything and everyone with the happiness lenses, the book The Elephant in The Mirror, by Annette Earl, is one precious tool that will guide you in this journey.

A book to get to know yourself

Do you feel stressed or tired? Are there things in yourself (externally and internally) that you don’t like? I think we take for granted many aspects of our personality and keep a routine of activities and thoughts that we don’t really enjoy because we don’t stop to reflect how we feel, why we feel this way and what we can do to change it. The Elephant in The Mirror provides lots of exercises of self-reflection that will teach you to identify what and how you want to change. You can have also download (for free) these exercises from the website, where you will find more interesting resources.



Book main topics and structure

In particular, this book is focused on 5 key areas, covering mainly all the aspects of your life: our relationship with others, work, money, environment and our relationship with the self. As I mentioned earlier, I think you would be surprised how many things we take for granted and we just complain about them when we actually can use that energy to change them and/or accept them. Actually, the book is based in the principles of acknowledging, appreciating and accepting. These are the main steps to analyze each of the 5 areas covered in the book and, in my opinion, it’s a very effective approach.


Some of my favorite concepts from the book

There are many concepts that I learnt by reading this book and I feel really grateful to have such a nice tool in my hands. I want to share with you my favorite ones, and hopefully you can also get inspired by them.

  1. When you have to face a difficult situation or make a complicated decision, ask yourself: what would I do if I were in a desert island, with no one to see me or judge me? As you can see, our lives are highly influenced by the people around us, sometimes we even pay more attention to external voices than to our own. This leads me to my next favorite concept…
  2. Our thoughts and believes are just that: thoughts and believes. Where do these believes come from? Who or what gave them to us? When and why did we decided they were true? Most of our believes have been learnt from external sources without questioning them. It’s time to judge those that don’t really make us happy.
  3. I’m sure you will agree with the popular mantra: “if you keep doing the same things, you will get the same things”. Now, you probably also agree that making changes can be scaring and not easy. A very useful exercise that I found in the book is to identify what small steps you can do to start seeing that change. This will encourage you to keep improving!

In conclusion

I really have enjoyed this book and I think it’s a good idea to repeat the exercises in the future and see how I have been doing and what my new goals are. Knowing ourselves is a way of learning more about other people and the world around us, I think this is very interesting. I would like to congratulate the author, Annette Earl, for creating such a beautiful guidance to self-development and happiness 🙂

What do you think about the topics covered in this book? If you would like to read it, the Kindle version will be free to download from 1-3 December!! 😀

Lots of love,


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