The Best Ways to Get Free Beauty Samples Online

Getting samples of your favourite products often takes time, work and a little digging. Even though many home delivery beauty box services and stores offer samples which accompany product purchases, it is not easy to get beauty bargains for free.


About the free samples websites

While sample sleuthing is not for the faint of heart or those without spam protection, there are some websites that offer freebies.

Usually, you have to answer a few questions and you get a cluttering your mailbox. While there are no guarantees that you will get samples when you are looking for a new shampoo trial or free lotion, it is worth checking for freebies on a regular basis as one of those emails may actually contain the sample.


Look for scam-free samples.

Don’t trust if the design of the website screams “computer virus,” and there are very many links to beauty treasures from the Internet. You have to be forewarned that many of the samples are coupons or discount offers and not fully free samples.

For those who like checking for free goodies on a daily basis, then WOW FreeStuff is the site you need to visit. Most of the free samples are for beauty products with recent items including free Neutrogena hydro boost, Sylk natural intimate moisturizer, body shop facial mask and lots more.

We found active links to free Bulgari perfume hello score! , a coupon for a 6 week supply of Origins Modern Friction Exfoliator and a free sample for L’Oreal Paris Total Hair Repair. This site is truly a goldmine for up to date deals and samples, but filling forms and getting registered to get the samples is tedious.



The alternative: ask companies to send you samples

Lots of bloggers and YouTubers say that they have received free samples from make-up and cosmetic companies. Why do the companies will send you free samples as well?

Manufacturing samples is cheaper for the company than full-sized cosmetics, so it is very affordable for the company to send samples to those who ask for them.

Before you try out the latest products, it is a good idea to first ask for a sample before you buy. If you test out the sample and you like it, chances are that you will most likely buy the product after using it and you may recommend it to your family members and friends. Doing this will boost the company’s profits and generate more sales.

Cosmetic companies include samples of their latest products when you order online and buy some items. They are stocked and ready for shipping when you write to them asking if you can try some of their products.

If you want to  write to companies to get free stuff, your chances are better if you write to cosmetic or personal care companies. Explain them why you think you need it and if you can offer something in return (for example, talking to someone about it if you like it), do it.

What do you think is the best way to get free samples and freebies?


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