Thank you!

I thought this is a great time to give back what I receive from you everyday. I would like to use this post to say thanks to all the people who read this blog, comment on it and follow wha2wear in social media 🙂

Without your support, I couldn’t do all the amazing things that I love to do. Without you, I wouldn’t have the opportunity and motivation to be creative.

Mirador Nerja

I also love to read your comments and messages, and visit your blogs. I think it’s a fantastic way to learn more about different people and cultures, and get inspired by the fashion and beauty that you like.

It’s fantastic to know by heart your names and have such a lovely group of followers that have been with me for months.


I’ve been living in the UK for more than 3 years now; a dream that I have since I’m little. 😀 I think this is also something that pushed me to start this amazing journey as all that I found in this country are wonderful opportunities.

As many of you are based in the UK too, I’d like to share with you some pictures that I took near my origin city. This is in the south-coast in Spain (I don’t like to give details of my address, but you can guess it if you have a look at my LinkedIn). The previous ones were taken in Nerja and in my cities’ beach, respectively. The next one is a picture of my origin city taken from the car:

My city

We are lucky because we live near the sea but we can also see the snow in the mountains of Sierra Nevada from the beach.

Of course, something that I love and I really recommend you to try is the paella! There are veggie paellas too 😉



I called my city in Spain “my small paradise” and I find living in the UK as living in a fairy tail. 🙂 I’ve never seen so beautiful places, everything seems to be so magic that sometimes I think I’m dreaming…

Magic places in the UK #nature #landscape #woods #beautifulday

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I know this post is not enough to express all my gratitude but I did it thinking on you with lots of love.

Thank you,



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