How Students Can Remain Healthy When Seated All Day


There’s a lot of press these days about the dangers of sitting all day long on office furniture. Some students might be concerned about this, wondering if they have to decide between their health and their studies, since it is difficult to study without sitting for long periods of time.

Studying while on an exercise bike or elliptical trainer has mixed results. However, there are plenty of very healthy people who spend a lot of time seated, including students. It all depends on how people manage their seated time and how they behave while seated on furniture all day.


Periodically Focusing On Something Else

People won’t necessarily damage their eyes by reading for a long period of time. Computers with LCD screens are much easier on the eyes than computers with the old CRT screens, and plenty of textbooks are written using comparatively large print these days.

However, focusing on anything intently for a long period of time can cause students eyestrain, headaches, and problems with posture. Just looking up from the books every hour or so and focusing on something that is very far away can really help a lot of students maintain their visual health, good posture, and back health.



Encouraging Some Movement While Seated

It’s staying completely stationary for long periods of time that is ultimately the problem for most students. Those who tap their toes in the air while seated as a matter of course will often be healthier than those who remain seated while perfectly still all day long.

Even simple hand gestures and motions require some energy, and some use of the muscles. As such, it is still valuable for those in their studies to try to add movement into their study time. It doesn’t have to involve using an elliptical trainer.

Alternatively, to further improve health when seated all day, it is good to consider seating yourself on furniture such as an Ergonomic Chair. Ergonomic chairs are designed to give you great support and provide an upright posture which can ultimately prevent students from getting back and neck pains when in their studies.



Finding Creative Ways to Exercise Throughout the Day Despite Being Seated

Getting thirty minutes of exercise five days a week, which is the recommended minimum, does not mean the minutes have to be consecutive or that they all have to occur at the gym. Gyms like to promote this idea in order to stay in business. People can simply buy themselves a stopwatch, start counting down on the stopwatch whenever they get up to pace around their study rooms, and then pause the stopwatch when they decide to stop.

Eventually, the stopwatch reading will add up to thirty minutes. Students can usually find thirty to sixty individual minutes throughout the day to exercise. People can more or less bank all of those minutes. This will tend to encourage them to get up and move around periodically.

There is no reason to start walking or moving according to a schedule while using this system. The entire purpose of it is that people can take the spare moments as they come to them. Using all of these spare moments and knowing that they can be used will help a lot of people avoid stress.

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Keeping Little Exercise Tools By the Desk

Some students might decide to lift weights or play with resistance bands while studying on their desk. These are exercises that they can do fairly mindlessly, and they are relatively easy to do.

Many people will still be able to focus on their studies if they are exercising their arm muscles. Anaerobic exercise is easier to do while seated than aerobic exercise. Students can also safeguard their metabolic rates if they build more muscle.


Doing Wrist Stretching Exercises

Repetitive stress disorders are common even among the young people who spend a lot of time studying and writing. However, these disorders largely happen because people spend so much time using their wrists throughout several consecutive hours.

There are different stretching exercises for the wrist that people do can, and these will help people prevent the repetitive stress disorders that can happen under these circumstances. All stretching exercises require people to move their bodies and exercise their muscles, which makes it very valuable to do them from a health standpoint.

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Sitting all day is not necessarily unhealthy. As long as students literally don’t sit completely still all day staring at a book with no movement and no changed positions, they should usually be all right.

Those who develop ‘healthy sitting’ habits when seated on furniture will be able to extend their lifespans and prevent a wide range of different health problems later in life. Often times, making relatively minor changes can help.

This is a guest post by Adam Robertson, a professional in the office furnishings industry. He works for Allard Office Furniture, an office furniture company which has 18 years of shared experience in office desks, chairs, supplies and accessories.

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