Spanish House Tour!

Having the possibility of living in 2 countries (UK and Spain, but mostly in the UK!) is something that makes me feel really lucky. It also allows me to appreciate the beauty and resources of each country.

My family house in Spain is a flat, big enough for us but nothing really luxurious. However, I find it very nice every time I visit Spain, and I think it was decorated with lots of love. Not all the Spanish houses are like this one, and this one has a sort of classic decoration. However, it’s a fact that the type of furniture and the arrangements follow a pattern in all the houses I visited here!

If you feel curiosity to know what I’m talking about, let’s have a look together! 😀

The entrance and main corridor

When you open the door, you see the kitchen’s door and a corridor that goes to the piano room and the living room. There are some lamps in the ceiling and in the wall and classic furniture, including a big mirror and a lovely watch.

entrance watch-entrance

All the walls in my house are white, and there are lots of paintings on them. Also, in the corners, you can find plants or statues.


My childhood room

This is the place where I’m currently writing this post 🙂 Actually, I won’t show you the desk and window area because it’s a bit messy there right now… 😉

It has some features that remind me of my childhood, although before I went to high school there were thousands of toys around (all of them with a name!).


There is a rocking horse that was a present from my parents when I was 9 (in the picture above, the girl in the center with the white dress is me at that age with my friends).



After finishing school, we gave it a more modern touch to the room, removing the numerous toys (about three quarters of them were donated and the rest are stored in a closet in my room.- there are 3 big wardrobes and 3 smaller closets!).

We added a mirror and, while I was at uni, my parents decided to replace the curtains and the paintings (they were teddy bear paintings…very cute!) and it was a really nice surprise!


I used to pain a lot before I went to uni, sometimes I think I should do it again 🙂


The balcony: our petit jardin!

Our balcony is not very big but there is enough space for two chairs, a table and lots of plants! The picture below is one of the pots with vegetables which seeds I brought from the UK 😀

veggies small-garden


The living room

This is a view of the balcony from the living room. In this room there are two tables: one big table with chairs to eat in especial occasions like Christmas and a smaller table between the sofas and the TV where we put books, magazines, the PC, a cup of tea…



These sexy sculptures are at the entrance of the living room. I used to make lot of fun of them when I was little… 😛 They are from a brand called Lladró which is very popular in Spain. Is it in the UK too?

living-room-details living-room-art


These are all the bits I chose to show you from my house: there are 2 more rooms, the kitchen and a tiny kitchen patio. Oh, and two toilets! 🙂

Do you think there are differences between British and Spanish houses? I think the floor in the UK is usually made of carpet or parquet while in Spain the marble floor is very popular 🙂 I think that’s a question of temperatures, as the weather where I live in Spain is quite warm!

I hope you like this post and maybe find some inspiration!

Lots of love,


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