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The safety and security of a student’s’ school environment, including their accommodation or home, is critical and should not be taken lightly. In fact, statistics show that the students’ houses are most at risk, yet house security is very vital. Students houses have become the most targeted places for theft predominantly because they are known to own a lot of electrics and appliances which burglars find attractive.

As students begin to live on their own in their student accommodation, they budget and plan on how to buy household items from the money they have earned from low incomes or savings. There is no worse feeling than saving to purchase a new computer to help with studies, and finding out that you have been the victim of a burglary whereby it has been stolen.

Bearing that in mind, there are several security measures which a student should put in place in their student accommodation or home to protect themselves and their valuables. One of which includes installing an access control system to prevent unauthorised visitors from entering any building including the home.

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For security to prevail, one should consider some of these few factors, which include;


1. Installing Security Systems, Such As CCTV Cameras

The CCTV security camera is one of the wonders of modern technology. It can be used in a range of different situations, ranging from monitoring a business premises to keeping an eye out for a student’s accommodation or home.

CCTV cameras can be very effective if used at a students’ house, because they will aid in monitoring scenarios and activities taking place within the area. It could also be used to record conversations and monitor people’s actions, or even help detect a burglar.

However, the students may not be in a position to install such security system, because they may not afford it yet. However, this should not get them worried, as there are a variety of different ways that they can stay safe in their home too.



2. Keeping Doors And Windows Secure And Locked

Students should learn to keep their doors locked at all times to enhance the safety of their houses. Since most students live with roommates, they tend to forget and leave their doors unlocked, hoping that their roommates will lock them instead. Most thieves are aware of this fact. Therefore they will always come checking for any unlocked doors which give them an opportunity to enter and steal.

It is also important to ensure that the door locks are of great quality. Some are easily opened using objects or other keys. If necessary, students should request the caretaker to change the locks for them. The last previous tenants could have made copies of the key and use them to access the house.

They should also ensure that the windows are secure and do not allow for any access into the house. Windows are easily left open because they are covered by curtains therefore used by thieves to enter the houses too.



3. Securing Valuables

It is important for students to keep their valuables in a secure place. In case their home is broken into; the thief may not locate their valuables easily if they are safely locked somewhere. It might be a good idea to invest in a safe, where you can securely keep your valuables.

The best way to secure valuables, is of course, to keep the bedroom locked at all times whenever the student is not around.


4. Access Control Equipment

All students leaving in a designated area should own identity cards that help identify them as students. Any person without an identity card that matches their face should not be allowed to access the area where the students live.

There are also access control equipment such as the electronic card based systems. This technology allows students to access their areas of residence using the card without which they cannot access it. As well as this, fingerprint technology where each individual uses their fingerprint to access their area of residence. This equipment helps in monitoring the people who accessed the building at any given time.

The security system should be installed by trained and qualified personnel so that it does not develop some faults later on. Since the modern technology keeps evolving over time, the security system should be constantly maintained and upgraded regularly so as to enhance security at all times.

This is a guest article written by Simon Parker. Simon Parker works for Minerva Security, a company dealing with commercial business security and fire alarm systems.


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