How to Pick the Best Colored Contacts

Eyewear is becoming more and more of a fashion statement in the world today, and it means that people are opting for the most fashionable options – sometimes even when they don’t need the accessories to see! But when we see all the beautiful designs that bring our eyes out and give magnificent structure to your face, how can we resist? But glasses are at the moment out of the spotlight: the new rulers are contact lenses. And not just any kind – colored lenses!


There are quite a few things you should consider when choosing the color of your lenses, and here are a few of essential things to consider:

Try before you buy

The best thing you should do is go to a practitioner and actually try on lenses in several colors, to see which ones suit you. Just imagining having bright blue eyes can paint a certain picture in your head, but actually trying them on might make you change your mind. If you can’t go and physically try on the lenses, the next best thing is to photoshop them in on a picture (preferably by a professional), or use an app to see how it would look. Keep in mind that you will never get a completely accurate representation if you are not looking in a mirror, but it will help you narrow down your choices, and try a lot of different looks without all the hassle.


Consider yourself

Before imagining yourself as a blue-eyed blonde, reel it in and make sure that you actually match the rest of your fantasy with what you already have. The truth is, some eye colors will naturally go better with certain skin tones and hair colors, and instead of beating yourself up about it, you should think of it as an advantage, and choose a color that works with the rest of your body. The age-old rule applies: if you have cool-toned skin, stick to cool toned eye colors like blue, bright green or violet. On the other hand, if you are warm toned, go for hazel, light brown, green with hints of yellow or pure honey.


Understand that it is not permanent

If you are a person who has a hard time making decisions, understand that opting for one color doesn’t mean you will have to wear that color forever. You can only wear contacts on certain days when you feel like it, or you can even get multiple colors and switch them out whenever you like. They are an investment, but not an enormous one, and you can find amazing sales in many optical stores. So, enjoy yourself and experiment with as many colors as you want.


Have fun

Lenses are not only for people who don’t like wearing glasses, nor are they only for people with a prescription! They can be worn by anyone, and they are a fun thing to try out. They come in many designs, and the offer usually expands with every Halloween, so why not complete your next cat costume with some cat-eye lenses? Or maybe put in some bright red ones for a more demonic look? The choices are endless, and you will find yourself constructing looks, costumes and hairstyles to go with all the amazing lenses you will find. And who says that the unnatural colors are only for special occasions and costumes? Maybe having bright purple eyes is your new look.


Whatever you choose, make sure you wear your contacts responsibly, always get them fitted by an expert and follow their instructions to make sure that your pretty eyes stay healthy – no matter the color.

This is a guest post by Diana Smith, a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a great fitness lover. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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