One thing every smoker needs to do

Obviously, the one thing every smoker needs to do is quitting. Now, there are many ways to do it, and it depends on how we feel about it. Some may just quit and don’t touch a cigarette anymore (lucky those!) and some like me, need a bit of extra help. In all the cases, I recommend visit the GP and discuss about it, so the process can be more effective and successful. In case you or someone that you know what to switch to e-liquids, there are two surprises for you at the end of the post! šŸ˜€

If you follow my blog, you will probably know that I started my journey of quitting some weeks ago, in a very particular way. Basically, I started reducing the amount of cigarettes I have per day and substituted them by vaping some awesome e-liquids that I found in redvape.

Now I’m in the second, and hopefully final, stage where I use zero nicotine e-liquids. This transition has been extremely easier than what I thought it would be, thanks to the deliciousĀ flavors I found in Redvape.



The first one is noble mint: it tastes fresh and sweet. I like it because it’s notĀ super strong mint, but it leave your mouthĀ fresh.

The second one is angle berry: this is super sweet and it taste really fruity. According to my boyfriend, it taste like liqueur…hahah šŸ™‚

The third one is my favorite one: the trinity cream, which I found it tastes like custard!

Now, I have to admit, that I still have a couple of normal cigarettes a day. I know that this sounds very bad, but I wanted to share my full experience because I think this is an important topic and it may help some of you to know my real experience. These are theĀ reasons why I still cheat:

  • I was smoking 10-13 cigarettes a day. Suddenly stop it gives me tremendous headaches because my body is used to that amount of nicotine. I read nicotine is one of the most addictive “drugs”.
  • I have changed other things in my life by giving small steps. For example, now I doĀ a lot of exercise butĀ a couple of years ago, I didn’t practice itĀ at all. I achieved this by incorporating the new habits progressively: I mean, I didn’t go to the gym for three hours the first day I started doing exercise.
  • I bought 10 packets of cigarettes during my holidays in Spain because there they are cheaper…

Those packets of cigarettes are about to end and my plan is not cheating anymore when they are done. Of course, I’m a bit worried because I don’t know if I’ll achieve it. However, at the moment I’m having much more less nicotine and toxic substances in my body. I think that’s already something positive and it motivates me to keep the journey šŸ™‚

What do you think? Do you have a similar experience or know someone who has it?


For those who smoke or know a smoker, if you think vaper is something to try, here is the first surprise: a giveaway! Tweet me saying what you are doing or will do to be healthier and use the tag #redvape to winĀ Ā£50 of e-liquids!!

I will announce the winner on 10th October, 10pm (UK time) on Twitter. Good luck everyone!!


If you check the redvape website, you will see that the e-liquids are very affordable. However,Ā because I wanted to say thank you for reading my blog and redvape wants to say thank you for talking about their e-liquids, we want to give you this 15% discount if you introduce the code “Wha2wear” šŸ™‚


I hope you found this post useful. Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments and GOOD LUCK with the giveaway!

Lots of love,


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