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Do you want to receive awesome gifts for free? The W2W Team has created a special Club to reward our lovely followers. All that you need to do is to collect points by simply showing us your fashion skills!

Have a look to the gifts that are waiting for you!

2000 Points Gifts

Gift 1: Rhinestones watch and necklace


Gift 2: Sexy dress and watch



Gift 3: Long dress (pink or turquoise)



Gift 4: Flowers dress


Gift 5: Summer dress


Gift 6: Makeup set


3000 Points Gifts

Gift 7: Long Flowers Dress



Gift 8: Special events dress


Gift 9: Long Summer dress


Gift 10: Beauty necklace and ring set


Gift 11: Earrings and Swaroski watch set


3500 Points Gifts

Gift 12: A pair of boots in your size (also available in black and brown)


How to collect points

Collecting points is something that will find interesting and enjoyable! Also, you can show your fashion talent! Have a look to the list of tasks you can do to get points:

5 Points: Share/comment a post in our Linkedin page.

10 Points: Comment articles in our website.

15 Points: Leave a comment in any picture of our Facebook page, with a picture of a similar item that you have

20 Points: Leave useful feedback (what you liked/what we could improve/what you would like to see next/questions about the topic) in any article of our website.

25 Points: Find and answer a question in our articles (you need to see if the article tells you to go to our forum or comment below!).

35 Points: Follow our Instagram account, comment and like 35 posts.

400 Points: Be our Fashionista of the week in our facebook page for four consecutive weeks.


Do you want to make it easier and faster?

If you and a friend collect points together, each of you will get one of the 2000 points gifts for 2500 points!

If you make it with 2 more people to collect points as a group of 3 people, you will get each one of the 3000 points gifts for 4000 in total!

Are you ready to participate?

Just fill the following form and we will send you the instructions to collect and record your points!


  1. If you plan to participate in a group, each person needs to fill the previous form indicating in the comments field the other people that will participate in the group.
  2. The group participants can select clothes and makeup items only and they have to be the same item.
  3. When commenting in any place of this website or our social media, you are not allowed to write offensive things. If you do so, you won’t be able to join the W2W Club.
  4. When commenting/answering questions in this website or social media, single-word answers (yes/no/maybe, etc.) won’t count to get points.
  5. All the items currently shown in this page are available in stock. Once they finished, they may be replaced by new items according to the feedback you provide.
  6. Read carefully all the information provided in this page and if you have further questions, send an email to

We hope you enjoyed this new adventure!

Lots of love,

The W2W Team.

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