Interview with the Pole Dancer: Tanya Marsheva

We have the pleasure of introducing you Tanya Marsheva (Russia), a professional pole dancer and artist. In this interview, you will find her impressive story and passion about pole dancing apart from her talent. In addition, her great achievements, such as her national festival “Exotic Generation” show an innovative and determinate woman that will inspire you. We invite you to enjoy this interview and the amazing videos and pictures provided by Tanya.Tanya1

1. When did you start pole dancing? What made you feel interested on it?

My interest on pole dancing came in part from the natural continuation of what I did before, but also as I the creative experiment I really wanted to try. I have been dancing since my early childhood. I studied in the choreographic academy, I tried the modern dancing style and for long time I’ve been a stage-choreographer director in popular clubs of Moscow. They invited me to perform for one big Russian festival and there I saw the pole dance for the first time. Then I thought it looked like a striptease-show because in Russia, pole dancing is a fairly new activity.
Anyway, I was absolutely impressed with what I saw. There were so much fly and femininity in this dance and it was so different to what I used to see in the classic choreography, that I decided straight away to learn this style. I found a club where I could rent the pole (there were no pole dancing school in Moscow at that time!) and I trained 5-6 hours per day.


2. How is a normal day for you?

I’m a classic night owl: late to bed and late wake up, only if I’m on workshop tour! When I’m on tour, I need to mobilize physical and mental resources of my body that is why the “sport mode” is needed. When I’m at home in Moscow, I usually wake up at 10 a m, have shower, breakfast, and do home routine. Then for a couple of hours, I write articles and prepare the information for my Pole Dance Community group, which I lead for several years already. Then, I have lunch, go for a walk, and then go to train or to teach dance lessons in workshops. I have a group of private pole dance lessons. I teach Exotic Flow every 2 days, and the rest of the days I visit workshops of different dancers in different styles. I come back home around 10 p m, spend time with family and go to bed. I like to read in bed, sometime it captures me, so I can go to sleep nearly in the morning!


3. What are other interests that you have apart from pole dancing?

I have lots of other interests besides Pole dance. I’m interested in history, studying psychology, specially interested in dancing-movement psychotherapy. In my youth I played in the theater, and my love to the literature started then. Also, I really read a lot and I do love to sing. From time to time I attend at signing lessons and I often visit karaoke, concerts of classic and rock music, and art exhibitions in the museums. I try to develop multiple aspects in my personality.

4. Is it difficult to be fit and keep your expertise level? Do you have a specific diet or training routine?

I don’t have any special diet but I try to follow the system of separating the food and not to eat 5 hours before to go to bed. I don’t eat meat, I drink a minimum of 1,5 litres of water per day, I systematically take vitamins and chondroprotectives. Of course, I need to keep myself in good shape I need to take balanced food and do regular training; one thing wouldn’t work without the other.


5. What is the most challenging aspect of pole dancing?

The main challenge of pole dancing for me was to promote this exotic pole dance style among the pole dance community.  When I started coming to pole dance schools, there was no such a style. I made a lot of efforts to convince the owners of pole dance schools to include the exotic Pole class in the schedule. At first, many of them didn’t understand and accept this style, they told me: “Where is the trick? Why are we dancing?” Then the girls started to understand that this style can give a lot: plasticity, femininity, it helps you to express your nature and emotions and to feel the flow.

There were also a lot of unpleasant moments with championships and competitions. They tried to put the presenters of Exotic Pole dance in very strict conditions: it was forbidden to dance on high heels, to let the hair down, to make sexy movements… At that moment I decided to organize my own exotic pole dance festival that will give an opportunity for exotic pole dancers fully express themselves. This year I finally made this idea happen, my festival Exotic Generation, was really successful in Russia and I hope to organize it around Europe in the nearest future.


6. What is your favourite part of pole dancing?

When I dance Exotic Pole Dance, I feel special sensations. It is an experience like no other to feel the harmony of physic and mental states. For me Exotic Pole Dance is not only a dance, it’s a much more bigger thing: this is meditation, movement, practice, that gives me a special mental and physical condition.  In my opinion, it is the best dance style for any girl.


7. How is travelling around the world and meet different pole dancers? Will you come to UK, Sheffield?

It is a wonderful experience to travel around the world with my workshops, to meet the pole dancers from different countries, to share my experience and knowledge. Everywhere, where I’ve with my workshops, I’ve found friends and like-minded people. I’m extremely happy to have such an opportunity. I will be glad to visit UK, Sheffield with my workshops. It’s my dream to visit England.



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This video was shot for her project “Private dance for Him”. She wanted to show how a woman can express her sensuality through movement.


We hope you liked this interview as much as we did when making them! Getting to know such as a strong woman (not only physically, but mentally as well!) is amazing and encouraging 🙂 In addition… we have great news!! Tanya will be having her own section in What To Wear and she will be writing monthly!! We would like to thank Tanya for her wonderful and inspiring contribution!




Lots of love,

The What To Wear Team.

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