How to Look Stylish in the Gym


Just because you’re going to the gym to sweat and you know you’re going to get flushed and out all out of breath, it doesn’t mean you can wear the first thing you get your hands on. Fortunately, it’s neither hard nor expensive to look good in the gym, you only need to follow these tips on what to put on and what to avoid and you’re set to train with the stars.



Even though you’re probably not going to work out in a hoodie, you will look amazing sporting one on your way to the gym or while grabbing a smoothie post-workout. They’re also very practical when it’s a bit cold and windy outside because they will keep you nice and warm. You can choose one with a logo of your favourite brand or the one with your favorite motivational quote.

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This is one of the most important gym-wear pieces, so make sure to get high-quality trainers. Find a pair that’s comfortable and provides good support, so that you can avoid injury. If you’re weightlifting, get low-profile shoes that will keep you close to the ground and prevent ankle twists. You can find good trainers in any color, so don’t hesitate to experiment. Even though black and white are classic, try something that will pop a bit. Also, make sure to get a new pair about every 6 months, or even more often if you run a lot.


Plain cotton T-shirt is fine, but up your game with some moisture-wicking materials that will help you dry faster and stay warm in colder months. Usually, such tees fit better and look like a million bucks on a nice sculpted body. Don’t be scared of colors. You can spice things up with a neon t-shirt or some oversized bright logo.

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Guys, don’t be shy to show off your legs a bit. If you’re doing cardio or working your legs, try wearing some shorts. Make sure they’re not too baggy and not below the knee (ideally, they will end just above the knee). Women, you can opt for shorts of any tightness, just watch out for fabric. Cotton and spandex or polyester mix is a great choice. Just a little reminder: never go commando to avoid embarrassing yourself and others in the gym. It not only shows lack of taste, but it’s also totally not hygienic.

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There’s nothing more comfortable to wear on your arm day than a tracksuit, but don’t just put on the pair you use when watching Netflix and chilling at home. Find a gym wear brand that has some nice-looking mesh pants in which you can pump some iron, but also walk to the gym without being embarrassed by what you’re wearing. Ladies, you can always switch your comfy tracksuit for some colorful capris and look effortlessly chic and stylish.

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Gym bag

Don’t let yourself be seen rocking a plastic bag to the gym or a backpack you used for school when you were 15. Find a trendy duffel bag, a spacious backpack or a big shopper bag (ladies, this one guarantees extra style). Make sure your bag can fit all your essentials, so you don’t have to carry extra bags.

Many people say that they feel and perform better when they look good, so why not put some effort in your gym outfit. Make sure your kit is well matched, comfortable and first of all clean. Coordinate two or three colors, get rid of all your jewelry and go easy on the accessories and gadgets. Aim for comfort and functionality, but also don’t forget to put in some extra work and look like a million bucks as well.


This is a guest post by Diana Smith, a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a great fitness lover. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.


*All the images are taken from pixabay

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