What is Health and Safety, really?

This post is dedicated to all of you who work in a company (small, medium or big). In addition, we’ll try to show some tips that you can apply to your daily life to make sure any task you do is performed under the best conditions 🙂

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8 Reasons Why Your Company Should Focus on H&S (Health & Safety)

You can easily make an evaluation of your company by assessing how important H&S policies are for employers and employees. However, you may be thinking: why is this a crucial factor? Well, apart from being regulated by law (working on poor H&S conditions is illegal!), numerous studies show good H&S policies provide the following advantages to a company:

  1. The business brand acquire a more prestigious image. Think about Chanel, Coca-Cola, Audi…  do you imagine their work environment being inappropriate? 😉
  2. It helps to maintain and get new clients. A company that is known for having safety problems or lots of employers on leave for medical conditions, doesn’t give a good image to clients.
  3. It promotes a corporate social responsibility improvement with initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on environmental and social well-being.
  4. Motivation and commitment of employees. Knowing that the full company is compromised to provide the best workplace conditions makes you feel protected, like if everyone is taking care of each other, isn’t?
  5. Productivity: how much would you be able to accomplish if you had to work in cold, dark and dusty office?
  6. Insurance costs management. Having a clear, updated and regulated H&S policy ensures the company is able to provide accurate insurance information to their employees.
  7. Less costs due to accidents and health problems. At the same time, the company will reduce their expenditure by keeping healthy and happy workers.
  8. Investors reliability. All the points mentioned above describe a company that works at its maximum potential, which is really attractive, not only to clients, but also to investors.

Therefore, you can decide how good your company is by checking if the previous list is something important to your managers and co-workers.

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What are you willing to do for a healthy and safe workplace?

Don’t you think it’s important to know how to prevent a total disaster? Where the hazards are and how to identify the risks? These are key facts everyone in the workplace needs to know.

Every company needs to provide some kind of information or training about H&S. Depending on your role, you may need a more or less specific training.

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Therefore, if you find your company is missing some of this information, why not to go ahead and have a meeting with the managers to tell them how H&S can improve their productivity? You may get some extra points for that! 😀

The Sheilds NEBOSH Training UK provides training courses for individuals and corporate. NEBOSH stands for “The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health”. It’s an independent examining board and awarding body with charitable status. NEBOSH offer a range of globally-recognised, vocationally-related qualifications designed to meet the health, safety, environmental and risk management needs for all places of work in both the private and public sectors. Maybe you could have a look at their website and consider if this may be beneficial for you and your company.

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