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Lately, fashion is less likely a product of what fashion designers and street wear retailers serve us. It’s now a product of social media and its influencers a.k.a. bloggers and off-duty supermodels. Needless to say, many fashion companies have recognized the internet’s potential and started to place their products there first. Moving fashion from runways to various social media networks has created a giant revolution in the fashion industry, because now, fashion is more about expressing yourself rather than strictly following trends. Plus, we now have more options for recycling old styles and inventing new and edgy ones.

And since spring is the most fashion-flattering season because it opens the most possibilities, we’ve made a list of best styles and garments fashion bloggers picked this season. Take notes.

Denim jackets


Just like we said, lately everything revolves around recycling old trends. The era of the 80s had found its way back through this all – time favorite garment. First there were the fitted ones, but now everyone got crazy over the over-sized ones that look just like the ones from the eighties. In other words, you could totally save money and just dig through your mom’s closet.

Jokes aside, they are really a must-have since they go great with everything: from dresses over skirts all the way to leggings. You can even opt for a denim-on-denim combo, even that had found a way to come back.


Sock boots


For these, we have no one else but Balenciaga to thank. The fashion icon Rihanna rocked their leather-velvet blues, and we all admired lime green ones as well as square antelope leather ones. Besides Balenciaga, Celine and Valentino also joined this vibe. They are cool, futuristic and super comfortable (they are made of top-quality materials since they have to be skin-tight).

When it comes to combining these, you can copy RiRi and rock them with a mini denim skirt and a classic striped button-down, or you can wear them with your cropped boyfriend jeans and oversized or crop top.

Biker jackets


For a while now, leather jackets have been must-have garments. And even though they may seem like an enormous investment, you can actually find faux ones for not more than 25$. Those are actually even better than real leather because, besides the humane factor, they are a lot softer and have much cooler designs.

Leather jackets are great for layering, you can wear them over your cargos, flannel shirt and cardigan. Next, you can edge your summer dress with this jacket or go full biker chick by wearing it with your black skinny ripped jeans, ankle boots and white tank.

Oversized T-shirts


For this, we have no one else but supermodels to thank to. The most popular ones are short sleeved black or white ones. It’s unbelievable how one garment can instantly make any outfit look effortless yet incredibly fashionable.

You can wear it over your shorts and combine that with cool biker boots and multiple metal necklaces, or you can tuck it into your skirt, pants, tracksuit etc. depending on your mood. They go with literally everything.

Crop tops


Even if you’re more into basic clothing, you have to incorporate crop tops into your style. If you check out stylish womens tops online from Australia you can certainly notice that they come in many unconventional colours and styles. The season’s favourite is, however, the eternal and the most versatile black version of it. The focus of the season is on lace crop tops, so you can incorporate it into your style too.

The important part about lace is to know that less is better. Since lace already draws attention, one lace piece per outfit is enough. Next, you have to be covered up. Your underwear must be covered if you want to look classy. Also, you need to be really careful with it. Since lace is a delicate material, you need to handle it with special care. Last but not the least, lace can make you the most beautiful girl in the room, but only if you wear it with a lot of self confidence.



It is exactly what you think: it’s a shirt that is long enough for you to wear it as a dress. They’re super easy to wear and casual, that’s why they are absolutely adored by everyone. Plus, they are perfect for warm weather.

There are countless ways to wear your shirt-dress. You can toughen your chambray one with leather jacket and sneakers, or when the weather is colder you can add combat boots to it. You can also wear it over your skinny jeans if you don’t feel like showing your legs today. Next, you can make your basic white shirt-dress look ultra-glamorous by adding a belt and strappy sandals to it. Your options are limitless.


Utility jackets


The 90s grunge also found its way back to the world of fashion. They are urban, trendy and carry the perfect amount of edge that spices up any outfit. Cardigans are now a thing of past.

They look fabulous with simple black dresses and ankle boots, as well as over bra-like tops (which are also a huge hit) and washed out ripped boyfriend jeans and strappy heels. Also, they can revive your all-black outfit like nothing else.

Which one of these garments is your favorite? Let us know.

This is a guest post by Claire Hastings, a wanderer and a writer. She writes as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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