Fabulous Free Samples and The Best Places to Find Them

Why would you pay for stuff when you could get it for free?

We are a nation of bargain hunters. We’re always trying to find ways to save money. Maybe you cut your weekly shopping costs to save for something special or maybe you just want to keep more of your precious money for the things you enjoy. If you apply for freebies you can try new products, which might help to reduce your food bills.

So, what’s the deal? All types of companies offer free samples of their products as a way of advertising a new product and attracting new customer. You can find freebies of whatever type of product the company is giving away, which might include pet food, perfume samples, beauty products, drinks, and food.


What You Can Get for Free

If you’ve never gone freebie hunting before you may not know that there are whole communities dedicated to finding the best free stuff on the internet. Freebie communities get larger every day, as more people find out about the different types of freebies that pop up all the time.

Many people are amazed at how many things you can get for free. The most exciting part for some people is that they get to try out a new product which they might not otherwise consider buying.


Pampers, Gillette, and PG Tips are household names. These companies have all given away freebies online. Yves Saint Laurent, MAC, and Benefit are just a few of the beauty brands that offer free samples.

If you are a freebie hunter, you can get designer fragrances without going to the department stores. I’ve received coupons for free drinks and food at the supermarket. You can even get a few drinks and lunches on the house at your favorite restaurants. I won’t even guess the amount of money I’ve saved since I started freebie hunting. I lost cost a while ago.


How Do You Get Freebies?

Actually, it’s very easy to get started.

All you need to start hunting for freebies is a postbox, a mobile or computer, and internet access. Often, it’s as simple as submitting your name and address on the free stuff site, then waiting for a sample to arrive. Before you apply for a particular freebie, make sure to read all of the instructions, since the process may vary.

If you don’t want to wait for a sample to arrive in the post, there are other freebies that you can pick up in-store with a coupon. All you need to do for these samples is to enter your email address. You’ll receive a coupon in your inbox. Print the coupon and redeem the offer in the store.


Since many retailers are accepting coupons, you may just need to look at your mobile. There are many drink and food companies that offer coupons that you can collect as you shop for food.


Freebie Tricks and Tips

If you want to make freebie hunting easier, here are some tips and tricks that work for me and I hope they’ll work for you.

Set up at an email address to use solely for freebie applications. This way, you won’t get these offers mixed up with your regular mail.

Check your junk or spam folder for emails that be waiting for confirmation. These emails may land in this folder by mistake.


Save your email address in your internet browser’s auto-fill. This will allow you to complete forms faster. This can help when a promoter is only offering a limited amount or freebies and every second counts.

With so many top freebies out there, you have nothing to lose. So why not start applying today then you’ll see how much money you can save.


This is a guest post by Sam.

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