DIY – Mini Bottle Charms

keyring ready

These cute mini-bottle charms can be a perfect personalized gift for a friend or even for you. This DIY is also a fantastic way to relax, to spend time in family doing something cute and developing your creativity.

You can make it as a key-ring, like we’ll do in this tutorial, or you can make a necklace or use in a bag zip 🙂 Let’s start with the item you need (all of them, really inexpensive!).


all the tools


What you need

hearts tool

tools for keyrings


Step 1: Fill the bottle with the glitter

To do this in a clean way, you can make a cone with a paper and insert the glitter through it:

filling the bottle

You can mix different layers of colors, and make sure you fill it till the top so the color don’t mix.

bottle made


Step 2: Close the bottles and glue them

You can glue the borders of the tap so you make sure they are secure.



Step 3: Screw the Eyepins Hooks and introduce the Jump Rings

You can also glue it and add some glitter to stuck on it 🙂

key ring


Then, secure the ring and you’re done! 😀

DIY keyring

As you can see, we also introduced some paper hearts. The trick? Put some transparent nail polish inside the bottle, so the paper will stick in it!

keyring with keys


Final result

Voilà! This is the final cutie! If you check places like Etsy, you see that one this sells for about £13. How many can you make for this price?

using keyring

We hope you liked this idea and you enjoy making it! Let us know in the comments what you think! 🙂


Lots of love,


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