Build your wardrobe for uni now!

New uni season means new season clothes but, in order to do it properly, better to start to build your wardrobe for uni now! Lots of students are outside their origin cities or countries so they need to build it wisely, caring about money and space issues! If this is your case, don’t worry, I will show the most useful clothes that you can get and several ideas on how to combine them.

The following is a list from Popsugar’s Pinterest, that you can also find in our Pinterest’s pinboard “outfits”, so you can print it out and use it as a checklist! 🙂



As you can see, you will cover any kind of situation by properly combining these clothes and (of course!) you don’t need to get them all the same day. Probably you already have some of them, so all that you need is to wisely combine them.

In addition, there are some essentials that you may want to get depending on your specific situation: for example, if you study in a cold-winter country, you may want to get a cute hat. There is a new brand of luxury (but affordable) bobble hats, BKLYN, that will impress you: their quality and their lovely colours make them appropriate to go with any kind of outfit. Have a look at the one I got online, it’s so cute!


The texture is super soft and the fluffy bobble’s hair is like so silky as a cat (but it doesn’t leave hairs everyone like the kitten! haha). Also, if you buy it online, it will arrive in the same nice package as if you get it from a store. I will probably get another one in a different one and will be tweeting OOTD on winter, don’t miss it!

Have a look to the following examples on how to introduce your hat in different styles, there are 13 items used to cover 15 days!



Here is another example which introduces some more essentials: hat, flats, scarf… there are 20 clothes (including the essential accessories) for 21 different outfits. A good idea can be get some inspiration from these items and outfits and adapt them to your personal style and favourite colours!



Another tip is: have a look to your wardrobe, wash and prepare the items that you like a lot, and donate the ones you have been forgetting about 1 year.  Having lots of clothes that you don’t use in your wardrobe makes more difficult to find and wear the ones you actually like and you end up wearing the same items every time… does this sound familiar to you? Have a look to our post to get your wardrobe (specially useful for small ones) organized! Then, use these images and check-lists to match what you already have (maybe you have one of the items more than once with different texture or print, so that will count as an additional outfit!) and write down what you need: then start checking online or physical stores and go and get them! Most of the stores have their new season clothes in the stalls already!

I think I covered different Autumn-Winter styles for most of the situations student cope, so I hope these tips were useful to you and you can build your awesome wardrobe to rock it out wherever you go and still have keep savings!

And remember, if you want to see more outfits and inspiring fashion ideas, check our facebook page: and our Pinterest Also, leave a comment below if you would like to see how to build your wardrobe for summer holidays or any other season!



Lots of love,


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