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Majority of women who want breast augmentation surgery also love working out and staying fit. There are though, a few lifestyle factors that should be considered before deciding for breast augmentation. One of which is exercise.

If you’re someone who regularly fits into some activity that involves a sport or an exercise that is hard on the chest muscles, and you want breast implants for bigger breasts, you may want to be concerned about the surgery and the placement of your implants. Patients visiting Crispin Plastic Surgery Center for breast augmentation in Atlanta are asked by surgeons to fully consider their lifestyle and then step forward for the procedure.


Breast augmentation is designed to aesthetically enhance the physical appearance of a woman. To give her the self confidence of looking completely feminine with fuller breasts and better curves. However, there’s no point of doing something despite that it’s going to stop you from doing what you love doing the most.

Since breast implants have gone through several FDA tests and researches, the implants (Silicone and Saline implants) available in market are only there because they have been approved and tested, and are safe for use. Thus, women who love their fitness lifestyle but also want better and contoured figure, should opt for the best implant placement matching their lifestyle instead.

You will also come across a lot of uncertainty surrounding the exercise alignment with implants and other concerns, so let’s clear out the myths and concerns relating to this topic:


Breast Implant Placement and Exercise – The Details

Here’s what you need to think of first:

  • An athletic woman should first think of things like: the best suitable size for her, the recovery time, risk factors associated to breast implants, and choice of breast placement over vs. under the muscle.
  • The general choice of implant placement is over the muscle. The recovery is faster and less painful, but it looks less unnatural as compared to other placement options and this involves the amount of breast tissue you already have for coverage.
  • Getting breast augmentation means bigger boobs (depending a lot on your natural structure and tissue you have) but they certainly don’t mean a physique contest.
  • A woman is capable of having a beautiful body without bigger breasts. But it’s true that plastic surgery is designed for making women feel beautiful by correcting the faults and making them feel confident about themselves. Therefore, it’s important how you feel about your body, whether you gain that confidence through a surgical procedure or through regular exercise means.

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Over the Muscle Implant Placement or Under the Muscle Placement

The first main thing a women needs to understand and worry about is that you don’t alone have to make the decision. Your plastic surgeon is a certified person who has years of experience and understanding of this. He  or she will help you consider your placement options after discussing all your lifestyle factors.

In general, women normally choose over or under the muscle implant placement. Here are the pros and cons of these implant placements first:


Under the Muscle Breast Implant Placement

Pros – The breast look natural and such a placement is best for women with small chest

Cons – The recovery time of over the muscle placement takes a longer time in recovery and causes more pain.


Over The Muscle Breast implant Placement

Pros – This placement type is more suitable for women who have more breast tissue naturally. The recovery of this implant placement is less painful and faster.

Cons – This type of implant placement is not for lean women who have thin skin and no natural breast tissue.


Choose Submuscular Implant Placement

Generally for all women who exercise, the suggestion is Submuscular implant placement. This is because the sports they pursue put a lot of pressure on the upper body and chest. However, some surgeons will not support on doing the over the muscle placement for you if you have less breast tissue on the very first place. If you have nothing to work with, then getting the implants under the muscle helps conceal the implants better.


With the advancement in breast enhancement procedures, a number of new surgeries are there for developing your breasts according to your desires. A number of other implant placements are also available, one is Subfacial Placement. In this, the implant is placed under the fascia but under the muscle.

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Despite of your choice of breast implant placement, the specifics will still be mutually decided. Your plastic surgeon will tailor your individual needs. He will help you choose and understand your body requirements, since every individual is unique.


Plan Your Exercise after Breast Augmentation Carefully

You will be allowed to return to your fitness routine once you have recovered completely. Your body will be going through a lot. Therefore, you will need to show enough patience to recover properly and then move to such training and exercises. Don’t get alarmed on experiencing pain and discomfort, feel change of mood and even depression.

If you have concerns if your exercise will damage your breast implants, get in touch with your plastic surgeon. Even before setting yourself on the routine of exercise, do consult with your surgeon and follow the advice accordingly.

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