Boost Your Outfit with Statement Accessories


There are people out there who believe that the secret of always looking elegant and stylish lies in constantly upgrading their wardrobe. Little do they know that not only do you not have to upgrade your wardrobe, but you can keep it plain and simple and still look like a model. The secret lies in choosing the right accessory for the right occasion, and for those who are still not sure how to do that, we have a few useful tips.

Details That Matter


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Adding something as small as a brooch can sometimes make all the difference, and your basic suit and a top can look like they were hand-picked for you by a famous stylist. Add a small brooch to your blazer when you go to work, and add a bit of color with a nice pair of shoes and a matching handbag. When you take your blazer off and put your handbag aside, you can still look stylish if you wear a silk scarf around your neck. A nice pair of earrings and a classy cocktail ring are discreet enough to be worn to work, but eye-catching enough to spice up any outfit.


Business to Elegance


When you’re working long hours, something can always come up- like an important lunch or dinner with potential clients or business partners. When that happens, it’s important that you look not only professional, but sophisticated as well. Custom made dress that complements your figure, comfortable but elegant shoes, and an eye-catching accessory, such as designer glasses or a stylish Avery Verse leather handbag, go a long way in showing your excellent taste. Your makeup doesn’t have to be bold, but keep your eyeliner and lipstick on point, and always make sure there is a small bottle of your favorite perfume in your bag.


Queen of the Dance Floor

When you’re going out, it’s only natural that you want to be noticed and remembered. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go out dressed like you’re on your way to a rave party or a music festival. You can wear ordinary clothes which can be made remarkable just by picking the right accessories. You can choose to wear a headband with pearls and crystals which will make you look like a true princess, or a clutch bag with sequins because nothing says ‘party’ better that sequins! Chunky bracelets, statement necklaces, or statement hair accessories are all great details when you’re out clubbing with your girlfriends.



Fifty Shades of Black

Who says that wearing all-black has to look boring? Black is sophisticated and elegant (not to mention the slimming effect it has on every body shape) and whenever you’re in doubt about what to wear – pick something black. Now, the key is not to make it boring and predictable. You can spice up any outfit with the right accessories, and black is incredibly easy to ‘level up’. Wear bright lipstick, add a bold statement necklace, and wear black heels embedded with crystals or wing-like decorations (you’ll feel like a goddess). Something as simple as a bright nail polish and matching lipstick can completely transform your look; and if you add a belt, big earrings, or a pair of sunglasses you’ll look like a movie star.

It’s important to know when and where to draw the line – wearing too many accessories will make you look like a runaway Boho princess, and that is not the look which would be appropriate for work or school. Be moderate and always try to keep it simple yet effective – statement accessories are effective because they draw attention, and if you have too many eye-catching pieces it will look funny rather than classy.

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