5 Qualities Your Best Watch Should Have

In this post, the rose-gold watch from Sekonda will be our reference to illustrate the qualities your best watch should have. Owning the appropriate watch can make a difference, not only in your look, but also in your life style.

Selecting the best watch for you

Nowadays, it’s a bit tricky to select a watch, as there are many options and prices available out there. It’s common to find ourselves with a collection of non-expensive watches that we use as accessories for our outfits. This is a great idea, as watches are a beautiful piece to complete a look. However, you may also want to own a high quality one. The one you know you can wear every day, with every outfit and that is going to be with you for long time.

Sekonda watch

On the other hand, some people refuse to wear a watch because they claim the phone does the trick and tells us the time. However, you probably have noticed how additive phones are with its apps and its notifications…so why not  just simply have a look at the time in a watch? Wouldn’t be that healthier?

If you are looking for the perfect watch let’s have a look at the points you want to consider, as some of them, may be not too obvious.

Storage case

This can sound a bit weird, but if you are going to invest in a good watch that you want to keep for long time, where would you keep it at night? or when you travel? You probably don’t want to leave it unsafe in a bag full of clothes and shoes. Most of the high end watches come with a nice and resistant box. The size of the box should also be appropriate for the watch, not unnecessary big.


watch packaging


The Sekonda watch that we are using in this post has a sophisticated design, where the rose tone dial features beautiful stones hour markers and a dazzling cubic zirconia bezel. However, it’s water resistant (up to 30 meters deep) and all the details are perfectly assembled.


Watches with a leather strap are adjustable but they are progressively damaged after the first time you wear them. However, this golden bracelet is easy to adjust to just wrist size, and you can keep the removed pieces in the box for future use.


Yes, a timeless watch sounds interesting, doesn’t it? As we mentioned above, you can have a collection of cheaper watches, but you may also want to have that one that is part of your personality. Same that you would do with some beautiful earrings, necklace…

A jewel

…so you need to consider your watch as a jewel. That’s why the Sekonda watch and lots of them from House of Watches are the perfect candidates to be that special watch. Their simple design with sophisticated details gives that sparkling touch to any look, for every occasion.


We hope you liked this post. What is your best watch? Did you like the style of the Sekonda one?

Lots of love,

What To Wear.

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