5 Gifts Ideas for Him on a Budget!

Finding nice gifts for men can be a bit tricky because there is not a huge range of nice things as there is for women (we love cosmetics, fashion, accessories, books, decoration items, stationery, flowers…). When we are unsure about what to get him, we tend to spend too much money to get him something really cool, but sometimes it feels like he doesn’t appreciate… does this sound familiar to you?

Sometimes the money is not the issue, but paying attention to their personalities and what can make them smile and have a good time 😀

The following gifts ideas have been very successful in my own experience as Christmas, birthdays and, of course, Valentine’s Day gifts 🙂 and most of them are only about £20, being the more expensive one £60! Shall we have a look?

1) Special skincare set

Total cost: £22.89

I recently found how men are curious about skin care, masks and other cosmetics that are normal to us. Therefore, I came to the solution of getting them facial masks for them to try and finding out what type they like more so the next time I can invest a bit more on that type of product. To start with, all that you need is £3! I also complete this gift with a nice wash-bag for them to start building their skin care essentials collection.  The gifts and the prices are:

2) Personalised handmade wristband/bracelet leather

Total cost: £14.95

This one was a really successful gift for my boyfriend, as it matches his style but also has that romantic touch with the quote that I added.

3) Precision Beard Trimmer

Total cost: £17.89

This one was another big success: men love to have their beard net and feel more confident when there are no hairs where they shouldn’t be (ears, nose,…) also it’s very easy to use so they’ll love it!

4) Waterproof Action Camera

Total cost: £54.99

For those who love to go to the mountain or parks, or those who like cycling or running, this camera is awesome. I’ve got this one and the GoPro, and I don’t notice the difference (except in the price!). I’ll be reviewing this one soon so you can watch a video and judge 🙂

5) 8″ Tablet with Windows 10

Total cost: £59.99

This one is another that I’m super proud of: very good price, very nice features (Windows 10, 32GB, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB port…) and awesome price! I tried it out and installed some apps and it works as a PC or smartphone; actually, you can touch a button to use the Operative System in the tablet mode or in the PC mode: as easy as that! It’s light, the size is fantastic because it’s not too big but it’s much more comfortable to work with than a phone and ideal to read, watch videos, send emails and surf 🙂

I hope you found this post useful. Did you get any gift for him that made you feel really proud of? What was it? I’m always looking for new ideas! 😀

Lots of love,



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